When manicure becomes an Art...

Manicure is not only correct nail care of the hands. It additionally lets you bring out your own style and uniqueness. You can style bright or classic, creative or original nail designs.

It is universally felt that like all other professionals, nail technicians should also have their own secrets and nuances. Master them by attending Art House individual and small-group manicure courses.

We offer the course consisting of 2 clock hours of training three times per week.

After successful graduation of the course you get diplomas and certifications  that will help you to find a job abroad.

Manicure Training Program

  • Nail Structure
  • Wet Manicure (Maceration)
  • European Manicure
  • Spa Manicure
  • Male Manicure
  • Wet Pedicure
  • Apparatus Pedicure
  • Shellac Smooth
  • Shellac Cat Eye
  • Thermo Shellac
  • French Shellac
  • Sculpted Nails
  • Acrylic Polish
  • Gel Polish
  • Filing of the Nails
  • Drawings on Nails
  • Design
  • Nail Stencils (Gel)
  • Nail Stencils (Acrylic)