Table decoration

Nowadays a buffet-style service is one of the most popular and convenient forms of hospitality. Buffets have their own special etiquette. They develop over time and manifest in new ways.

Getting the most out of a buffet requires a great deal of both culinary and design skills, taste and knowledge to give theme and creative solutions.

This course offers 2 clock hours per day, 3 times per week, which will consist of both group classes and one-to-one lessons.

After successful graduation of the course you get diplomas and certifications on international standards that will help you to find a job abroad.

1. Hygiene and Menu

2.Table Setting and Table Service Style

3.Buffet Etiquette and Menu

4. Banquet Etiquette and Menu

5.Candy Bar Etiquette and Menu

6.Corporate Etiquette (Lunch Bar, Coffee Break)

7.Types of Table Napkin Folding

8.Types of Fruit Decoration

9.Fruit Decoration, Fruitopia and Fruit Carving

10.Vegetable Decoration and Vegetable Carving

11.Fruit, Curd and Condensed Milk Jelly

12.3D French Jelly

13.Shock Manje and Kinds of Soufflé

14.Candytopia (Candy and Flower Compositions)

15.Buffet of Pastries (European and Oriental), Cold Cuts

16.Cheese Platter

17.Assorted Canapé

18.Seafood Canapés

19.Types of Rolls (Fruit Rolls, Sea Rolls and Armenian Rolls)

20.Salad Making and Decoration

21.Types of Jelly

22.Types of Snacks (Meat, Cheese and Vegetable Snacks)

23.Graduation Buffet