Cooking and decoration of cakes and confectionery

Cakes are best known to be a typical Viennese dessert. They can be delicious or luxurious and by way of their combination, could have made a true masterpiece making everybody feel happy during celebrations.

Any cake has making and decorating secrets and nuances and to learn them you can attend Art House Intensive Cake Making and Decoration Courses.

Lessons take place three times a week and last 2 hours each. We offer both group and individual study.

After successful graduation of the course you get diplomas and certifications on international standards. This will help you to find a job abroad.

1.Types of Sponge Cake

2.Types of Puff Pastry and Decoration

3.Different Croissant Fillings

4.Kinds of Éclair (Profiterole)

5.Oriental Sweets

6.Kinds of Soufflé

7.Types of Frosting

8.Types of Icing

9.Chocolate Decorating

10.Types of Confectionary Mastic


12.Types of Cream Decoration

13.3d Cakes for Kids

14.Theme Cakes

15.Types of Jelly

16.Types Of Pies (Tarts, Strudel)


18.Types of Honey Cake

19.Schwarzwald (Black Forest)

20.Italian Macaroni

21.French Macaroni

22.Types of European Pastry

23.Mousse Cake

24.Mirror Glaze

25."Velour" Cakes

26.English 3D Sugar Flowers