Welcome to Art House

The Art House Training Center welcomes visitors to its website and
various professional modern trainings and price flexible systems.


First lesson is Free! - 100%

Everybody is welcome to take the first lesson for free of charge.  You will have an opportunity both to evaluate the effectiveness of each teacher and get acquainted with class programs.


Tuition Discounts for Family members of perished freedom fighters - 100%

Art House Training Center offers both family members of perished freedom fighters and those killed during The Four-Day War or April War free group classes.

Why Art House educational center

Высокое качествоФундаментальные теоретические и практические знанияОпытные преподавателиПозитивная и непринужденная атмосфераДоступная и гибкая ценовая политикаДиплом и сертификат международного образцаОбеспечение работой для лучшихУдобное местоположениеВысокий уровень доверия со стороны клиентов

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